2018年考研英语一真题精讲text 2
【1段】①a new survey by harvard university finds more than two-thirds of young americans disapprove of president trump’s use of twitter.?②the implication is that millennials prefer news from the white house to be filtered through other sources, not a president’s social media platform.
【句子讲解】①本句是一个复合句。主句的主语为 a new survey、谓语为 finds省略引导词that)的宾语从句,作finds的宾语:介词短语by?harvard university作后置定语,修饰 a new survey。从句的主语为more than two-thirds of young?americans,谓语是 disapprove of,宾语是 president trumps use of?twitter.
②本句是一个复合句。主句的主语是 the implication,系动词是is,that引导的表语从句作
表语。从句由“主语( millennials)+谓语( prefer)+宾语(news)+宾语补足语( to be filtered)”构成;介词短语 from the white house作后置定语修饰news;介词短语 through other sources, not a?president social media platform作方式状语修饰 to be filtered。
【2段】①most americans rely on social media to check daily headlines. ②yet as distrust has risen toward all media, people may be starting to beef up?their media literacy skills. ③such a trend is badly needed. ④during the 2016 presidential campaign, nearly a quarter of web content shared by twitter users in the politically critical state of michigan was fake news, according to the university of oxford. ⑤and a survey conducted for buzzfeed news found 44 percent of facebook users rarely or never trust news from the media giant.
【句子讲解】②句是一个复合句。主句的主语是 people,谓语是may?be starting,动词不定式短语to?beef up their media literacy skills?作宾语。as引导的原因状语从句,作主句的原因状语从句中主语是distrust,谓语是 has risen;介词短语 toward all media作状语。句首的连词yet承接上文,表转折。
beef up 使更大(更好、更有意思等);
【句子讲解】⑤句是一个复合句。主句的主语是 a survey谓语是 found,省略引导词(that)的宾语从句,作 found的宾语;过去分词短语 conducted for buzzfeed?news作后置定语,修饰 a survey.宾语从句中,主语是44 percent of?facebook users,谓语是 rarely or?never trust,宾语是news;介词短语from the media giant作后置定语,修饰news。句首的连词and表承接.
【3段】①young people who are digital natives are
indeed becoming more skillful at separating fact from fiction in cyberspace. ②a knight foundation focus-group survey of young people between ages 14 and 24 found they use “distributed trust” to verify stories. ③they cross-check sources and prefer news from different perspectives—especially those that are open about any bias. ④“many young people assume a great deal of personal responsibility for educating themselves and actively seeking out opposing viewpoints,” the survey concluded.
【句子讲解】②句是一个复合句。主句的主语是 a knight?foundation focus-group survey,
谓语是 found,省略引导词(that的宾语从句作 found的宾语;介词短语 of young people作后置定语,修饰 survey:介词短语 between?ages14and24作后置定语,修饰 young people。宾语从句的主语是they,谓语是use,宾语是distributed trust,动词不定式短语to verify stories作目的状语。
【句子讲解】③句是一个复合句。主句的主语是they,and连接两个并列谓宾谓语:一是 cross-check,其宾语是 sources;谓语二是 prefer,其宾语是news,介词短语 from different perspectives作后置定语,修饰news。破折号后的内容补充说明 different?perspectives,其中,that引导的定语从句,修饰 those;从句中that代替先行词 those作主语,系动词是are,表语是open,介词短语about any bias作状语,表对象;副词 especially用于列举一个具有代
【4段】①such active research can have another effect. ②a 2014 survey conducted in australia, britain, and the united states by the university of wisconsin-madison found that young people’s reliance on social media led to greater political engagement.
【5段】①social media allows users to experience news events more intimately and immediately while also permitting them to re-share news as a projection of their values and interests. ②this forces users to be more conscious of their role in passing along information. ③a survey by barna research group found the top reason given?by americans for the fake news phenomenon is “reader error,” more so than made-up stories or factual mistakes in reporting. ④about a third say the problem of fake news lies in “misinterpretation or exaggeration of actual news” via social media. ⑤in other words, the choice to share news on social media may be the heart of the issue. ⑥“this indicates there is a real personal responsibility in counteracting this problem,” says roxanne stone, editor in chief at barna group.
【句子讲解】①句是一个复合句。主句的主语是 social media,谓语是allows,宾语是 users,动词不定式短语 to experience news?events…immediately作宾语补足语,其中,副词比较级more
intimately and in experience.while+非谓语动词( permitting结构相当于一个时间状语从句即while social media also permits?them to re- share news.该从句中主语是 social media,谓语是 permits,宾语是them动词不定式短语to re- share news.作宾语补足语;副词also作状语,修饰permits,介词短语 as a projection作状语,介词短语 of their values?and interests作后置定语,修饰a?projection。
注意在上述时间状语从句中因从句的主语与主句的主语相同,故从句省略了主语 social?media,并将谓语动词 permits改成了其非谓语动词形式 permitting从而形成了while+非谓语动词结构.
【句子讲解】③句过去分词短语 given by americans和介词短语 for the fake news?phenomenon均作 the top reason given的后置定语。
【句子讲解】④句是一个复合句。主句的主语是 about a?third( of americans)谓语是say,省略引导词(that的宾语从句,作say的宾语,从句中主语是 the problem谓语是 lies in,宾语是“ misinterpretation or?exaggeration of actual news,介词短语 of fake news作problem的后置定语,介词短语via?social media作乍 misinterpretation?or exaggeration的后置定语。
【6段】①so when young people are critical of an over-tweeting president, they reveal a mental discipline in thinking skills—and in their choices on when to share on social media.


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