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for hayao miyazaki, flight is a metaphor for freedom


discover the consoling imagination of a star japanese animator




[1] hayao miyazaki has spent his career?conjuring up?fantastical worlds full of outlandish?creatures. “spirited away” (2001), which won an oscar for best animated film, is set in a magical realm ruled by a?bejewelled?witch and populated by talking frogs,?gremlins?made of?soot?and a vaporous creature who emits gold?nuggets?from his fingertips. amid today’s pandemic, one feature of mr miyazaki’s escapist movies is particularly?intoxicating: his obsession with flying. 在他的作业生计中,宫崎骏一向在创造一个充溢独特生物的奇幻世界。他的《千与千寻》获得了奥斯卡最佳动画影片奖,这部影片叙说的故事发生在一个由一位翠绕珠围的女巫控制的魔法王国里,居住着会说话的青蛙、由煤灰做成的精灵和一个能从指间喷出从速的蒸汽怪物。在当今疫情大盛行的布景下,宫崎骏那些带领我们躲避实际的影片有一个令人沉醉的特征,那就是他对飞翔的痴迷。

词汇:conjure up 创造?? outlandish 独特的?? best animated film 最佳动画影片

be set in 以……为布景?? intoxicating 令人沉醉的



[2] flight is in mr miyazaki’s blood. he was born in 1941 in tokyo, where his father ran a firm that manufactured parts for japanese fighter planes during the second world war. he?whiled away boyhood hours inventing his own aircraft; at night he dreamed of gliding above the city. most imaginations become more?earthbound?with age, but as an adult mr miyazaki thought up a?squadron?of wondrous flying machines with designs that embody their pilots’ personalities. “castle in the sky” (1986) features a?rag-tag?family of pirates who?buzz around in “flaptors”, contraptions?with transparent, flapping wings that resemble giant mosquitoes. 飞翔是宫崎骏天资就爱的。他1941年生于东京,他父亲在二战时刻运营一家为日本战争机制造零部件的公司。他把年少的大有些时刻都花在创造飞机上。晚上,他梦见自个在城市上空滑翔。跟着年纪增加,大大都人的愿望变得愈加靠近实际,而成年后的宫崎骏却表象出了许多夸姣的飞翔器,而这些机器的方案体现了其飞翔员的特性。《天空之城》中有一群海盗,他们用“扑翼器”满天飞,这种扑翼器有着通明羽翼设备,看起来像无量的蚊子。

词汇:while away 消磨时刻?? glide 滑翔,滑行?? earthbound? 地上上的?? squadron 一群

rag-tag 基层社会?? contraption 独特的机械,独特的设备


[3] he is a?connoisseur?of the sensory thrill of flight. his characters?swoop over?mountainous landscapes and arc through?cerulean?skies full of?billowing?white?cumulus, leaving vapour trails twisting like ribbons in the air. when they dive into the clouds for cover, they make a splash as though sinking into clots of heavy cream.? 在飞翔的感官影响方面,宫崎骏是行家。他笔下的人物在山景中爬升,在尽是翻腾的白色积云的天蓝色天空中回旋扭转,在空中留下像丝带相同环绕的蒸汽痕迹。当他们爬升到云层中寻找保护时,会带起一阵云华,就像是掉入了一团浓浓的奶油中。

词汇:connoisseur 行家?? swoop 爬升?? cerulean? 湛蓝的?? billowing 翻滚的?? cumulus? 积云

splash 溅洒?? as though? 如同,如同??



[4] in these animations, flying is about more than?ingenious?designs and?sumptuous?images. it also provides mr miyazaki’s deepest metaphors, standing for confidence, independence, the power of the imagination itself. most of his?protagonists?are children undergoing?rites of passage—the?dislocation?of moving house or trouble in the family. take mei and satsuki, the young sisters in “my neighbour totoro” (1988) who have just relocated with their father to rural japan. exploring their new home, they discover a?tubby?woodland spirit in the roots of a camphor tree. a?benevolent?presence, totoro soars above the countryside on a spinning top and takes the girls along for the ride. gradually, as it emerges that their mother is gravely ill, these adventures seem more than mere flights of fancy. they are a form of?solace. 在宫崎骏的动画中,飞翔并不只是奇妙的方案和绮丽的画面。飞翔还有深化的隐喻,标志着自傲、独立和愿望力。他的许多主人公都是阅历了成人礼,要么是搬场的紊乱,要么是家里有费事。以《龙猫》中的梅和五月为例,她们刚跟着父亲搬到村庄。在她们逛新家的时分,在一棵樟树下发现了一个矮胖的森林精灵。龙猫很友善,它骑在旋转的陀螺上,带着女孩子们一同在村庄上空遨游、兜风。跟着影片打开,当看到她们的母亲病重的时分,龙猫和这对姐妹的冒险如同就不再只是愿望了。这是一种抚慰。

词汇:ingenious 有创始性的??? sumptuous 绮丽的?? protagonist

rite of passage 标志人生重要期间的经过典礼?? dislocation 紊乱?? camphor tree 樟树



[5] that is what mr miyazaki’s enchanting stories offer as the world waits for borders to reopen and planes to take off again. his most?resonant?film is “kiki’s delivery service” (1989), which follows a charmingly wilful 13-year-old witch who rides around on a broom. determined to find her way in the world, she sets up a courier company to profit from her ability to fly. but when business slows and she suffers her first?bout of boy trouble, she loses heart and her powers oflevitation, too. “we fly with our spirit,” she says as she tries to restore her confidence, take to the skies and get her life going again. sound familiar? 在等候世界各国边境从头翻开、飞机从头起飞之际,宫崎骏这些诱人的故事所要传达的正是这一点。他最能致使我们共识的影片是1989年的《魔女宅急便》,叙说的是一个骑着扫帚的13岁诱人小女巫的故事。决计闯出一番六合的她树立了自个的公司,使用自个的飞翔才能挣钱。可是,当生意幽静的时分,她遭受了自个人生的初度情感疑问,丢了自个的心,也失掉了飞翔才能。“咱们用心遨游,”她说。她企图让自个恢复决心,从头飞上天空,初步新的日子。这听起来是不是很了解?

词汇:resonant 致使共识的?? wilful 顽固的?? courier 送递,快递?? bout 一次?? levitation? 升空



1. 开篇直接阐明主题:宫崎骏作品中的飞翔元素特征

2. 飞翔之根由:宫崎骏年少的飞翔回想

3. 飞翔之感官影响:飞翔元素举例

4. 飞翔之隐喻:作品的飞翔涵义

5. 飞翔之意义:联络当下










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